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Clover’s day at the trails.

For this video project I decided to film an average day at the mountain bike trails, with my dog Clover. I hadn’t shot any film for the class, so i decided to grab a Go-pro, and create a short narrative. I thought the idea would make for an entertaining edit, and knew I would enjoy creating it.

Mountain biking is a major passion in my life. I have been riding for almost fifteen years and was lucky enough to race at a professional level for a couple of them. Its the way I connect with nature and blow off steam. Clover is my loving puppy, who i enjoy sharing my time on the trails with. Nothing makes her happier than chasing bikes down the trail. We usually go out riding once or twice a week. She gets pretty worked up if she doesn’t get her weekly trail time.

I hope that everyone enjoys the video as much as Clover and I enjoyed making it.

Inspirational concept artist.

Professional Practices.

 I had the pleasure of meeting professional concept Don Carson through my digital drawing class recently. He sat down and showed us a demo of his work, revealed his workflow and planning process, then was kind enough to answer a ton of questions the class had. Don works on concepts for many things, but I think his most impressive accomplishments are creating concepts for Disney theme parks and rides.

The first thing I noticed about Don was his warm welcoming personality. He addressed every one in the room with kindness and respect. he was very honest, and humble when he spoke about his work, abilities and passion. I think everyone in the room felt like he was our cool old uncle.

As I stood behind two rows of people clustered tightly around Don, it was clear he had the room’s attention. Don flipped through his sketchbook, and scrolled through previous projects while I, and the surrounding students watched in awe. Don’s passion for what he does was unmistakable. I think the only time I looked away from his work was to confirm that everyone else shared the giddy expression I had on my face.

Don talked a lot about how he plans and works through his various projects. I found it extremely interesting to see the projects in their different stages. Dons sketch book is the start
of a lot of his ideas. he had page after page of beautiful sketches. A single page of his sketchbook would have anywhere from twenty to fifty small objects drawn on it. Each page seemed to have a different theme. One notable page was filled with architectural details from Paris, he had made  while traveling. He showed us other pages that he had sketched while watching movies for reference.

While explaining the multiple processes he goes through to complete a project, it was clear Don goes above and beyond when working or a client. He explained that our job as an artist and professional is to bring the client a project that when looked at leaves them with no questions. I thought that was a pretty important statement.Don mentioned that he hadn’t needed to show his portfolio to anyone in twenty years, proving that word of mouth advertising still works if you make your clients happy.

I found everything about Don’s presentation to be extremely motivational. From the basic planning and design, to finished project and client relation, Don Carson is a true professional.
I think everyone in the class came away with the same impression. Its amazing to have the opportunity to be around so many artists at school, but to be able to share ideas with someone with that sort of experience was a real treat.

I was lucky to be able to share some of my work with Don, and ask him a few questions. He gave me some good advice and things to think about while working. He was very kind when addressing my work. I was very proud and a little blown away when he said that he felt I could get work at any video game or movie studio, after looking at my concept art. I personally know I have a long way to go before i reach the level I want to be, but getting a pat on the back from someone like Don reminded me I’m headed in the right direction.

Check out Don’s website at


P5 Image editing/ Paint tutorial

I knew wanted include painting into my project somehow, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. At first I had the idea of doing a series of paintings to represent the power of five. After some thought I decided I wanted to do a quick tutorial. I have used a lot of tutorials over time to help improve my painting skills and develop new ideas about how to create a painting. I know many people are intimidated or confused about how to create a painting, especially a landscape style painting. I am someone who likes to make things as simple ass possible , so i thought it would be nice to share a very simplified version of what i do. Painting is a big part of my life and gives me a lot of joy, i think its very important to share what you love. If you can simplify your passion in a way that other people can share and enjoy, I think its a great thing.

Alans P4 audio

I chose to read lyrics from a song called Trillium.I helped write the song with the band Motae a few years ago. I felt that using some sort of poetry to go along with one of my digital paintings would have a nice effect. Having words to go along with an artist vision is always interesting and may give you more insight into what the artist may have been thinking during the process. I figured what better than to merge a landscape visual with some landscape inspired imagery. The song is about are relationship with nature, and how small we really are in the grand scheme of things. The picture I used is one of my personal digital paintings. Art and music are what move me through life and I feel combining the two is really a beautiful thing. I liked the simplicity of the audacity program, even for a technical failure such as myself it was fairly straightforward to navigate.

Alans proffesional blog search.

I chose to showcase and talk about Noah Bradley’s Blog. You can find his blog here – Noah’s art. Noah Bradley is an environment illustrator and concept artist. He primarily works with digital images, but has a history in traditional mediums.

I first came across Noah’s art when i was searching for tutorials. I was very impressed with his work, but what really struck me were the things he spoke about that weren’t directly art related. He talks a lot about what it takes to be a professional in the industry , and some of the big does and don’ts for concept artist. He expressed a strong opinion about the work ethic behind starting a professional career, and the fact that an expensive degree will not get you a job.

I found his humble approach to teaching, and his honest explanation of the job and its expectations to be very insightful. It truly gave me a fresh prospective on the career I hope to move into soon. His personal blog has a lot of interesting information from technique to career. He even has his own online class that you can enter, and take part in, called Noah’s art camp. I think that anyone looking to move into a similar field should check his work out.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.33.33 PM

Concept artist in training.

My name is Alan Thompson. I am pursuing a career in concept art, and illustration. I  focus primarily on landscape, or environments. I have used traditional mediums for many years, and just recently started working with some of the digital painting programs, and Photoshop.

my love of nature has a lot to do with my subject matter. I grew up in the small town of Lyons, thirty miles south-east of Salem. My family and I lived on the river, and I spent most of my childhood exploring the woods a water. Now that I live in town, I often find myself wanting to escape back to my roots. Though this isn’t always possible, I have found the next best thing is to loose myself in a landscape painting.