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Disc Golf

IMG_6612     I decided to do a little informative video on Disc golf. I don’t play myself but I’ve always been interested and wanted to play disc golf. So i asked my buddy if he would help me with my video. So I checked out some equipment and we were off. We definitely had some hickups along the way. I forgot the battery for one of the cameras on the first day of shooting. Then we got into an arguments over shooting and different shots (I think the heat and frustration was to blame). Then after all that the last day of shooting we had to dodge the rain. Go out and shoot what we could, then come inside and wait for the rain, then do it all over again. It was annoying but luckily the last 2 hours of shooting the clouds and rain went away just long enough for us to finish. I learned alot from doing this shoot and I would do it all over again for that reason.

Graphic Design interview


An Interview with Chris Berner

Chris Berner is a Senior Designer at Funk/Levis and associates. Chris Berner has been in the graphic design industry for almost 40 years. I asked Mr. Berner multiple questions through out the interview process the first of which was “How do you feel about freelancing versus working at design firm?”. He went on to tell me that it depends on the individual. If you are more of a entrepreneur and like being independen then you might like freelancing. If like having a 9-5 job where you don’t have to worry about so much of the business end then working at a firm might be the right choice for you. There is no right answer, but either way having a steady clientèle and repeat business is extremely important. Mr.Berner told me that he thinks that learning how to draw is very useful and important. More specifically learning how to draw fast and efficiently is crucial. He said that clients love seeing compositions and thumbnails, so they can visualize what the project will look like. Mr. Berner also said that learning programs that allow you to create motion graphics or animations is also important. I asked Mr Berner “What advise would you give to someone just starting out in the graphic design industry?” Mr Berner said he advise someone starting out to do an internship. He said that doing an internship is invaluable. He also said don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and learn as much as you can. I asked Mr. Berner “Looking back on your, career is there anything that you would do differently? and why?”. Mr. Berner said that he would pay more attention to his mentors and the famous designers. He admitted that it is something that he should have done earlier and he should be currently be doing it. Researching what makes the “great” designers great and why they do what they do. He said that he would spend more time researching and doing what interests him not wasting time on the things that don’t interest him. The final question I asked him “What do you think is the future of Graphic Design (where do you think the industry is headed)?”. Mr. Berner responded by stating that the industry is exploding right now. It’s going in a million different directions and is constantly changing. He said he thinks that the future of the industry is more and more media. He said that he believes print will always be around.  Mr.Berner also said that Design itself is the future. Good design will drive the future. Being able to design good products, logos, posters, anything, and everything will never go away. As long as there is people there will always be a need for good design.

During this interview process I learned a lot and i feel like picking the brain of a experienced professional is priceless. I would like to thank Chris Berner for taking the time to talk with me. The knowledge you passed on will not go to waste.

The Best men

I made this project for one of my best friends, that just got married (last August). The video is of his five best men and includes pictures of him with each of the best men (through out his life). I originally wanted to make this for him and give it to him before his wedding, but due to lack of time and due to the fact that I had to wait to get pictures from the other best men it’s going to be a belated wedding gift. Also it worked out perfect when i got this assignment I knew exactly what i was going to do. It was difficult trying to get photos from some of the best men that live across the country (Boston and Maine). Luckily there is social media and email otherwise i don’t know how else i would have gotten the photos.  I really wish I could have used some “copy righted music” because i already had a perfect song in mind that would have fit the movie way better, but what are going to do? Well, i really hope he likes his belated wedding gift, we will have to wait and see.

Side note: For the record I hate iMovie, worst video software ever made!

Searching for blogs

Brand New

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 3.54.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.11.47 PM

The blog post that caught my eye and the post I was the moist interested in was:

Man Against Continent

The first image in this post is from that post.  How they created this (amazing) logo was very interesting.  In the post they talked about combining the images of Mark Beaumont and a map of Africa.  I thought it was extremely clever and blew my mind.  How they used negative and positive space is amazing.  My eye keeps being drawn back to the glasses on the logo.

The site covers brand identity and logo design mostly. The website for the blog itself I felt looks very clean and professional. The site is very well done.  It’s easy to read and easy to navigate (very user friendly). As you can see from the second image i provided shows exactly how clean and professional the site looks.  I think the color scheme provides a sense of professionalism (using black, grey, white, and a little red). They use red to draw your eye to important information through out the site, which gives the whole site a nice eye flow. The information seems very accurate and credible i saw a lot of the same topics and information on other sites also.

Hunting like a scavenger

Best $5 you'll ever spend
Best $5 you’ll ever spend
Mary Jo!
Mary Jo!
equipment checkout......Dun Dun Duuun
equipment checkout……Dun Dun Duuun
Rubber ducky your the one, rubber ducky you make talking to Teresa so much fun!
Rubber ducky your the one, rubber ducky you make talking to Teresa so much fun!


Knowledge is power!
Knowledge is power!
one of the coolest pieces I've seen in the Gallery at LCC.
one of the coolest pieces I’ve seen in the Gallery at LCC.
Digging up the past or building the future?
Digging up the past or building the future?
My Yoda....
My Yoda….
i wonder if there are any flags that aren't hung in the 1st building.
i wonder if there are any flags that aren’t hung in the 1st building.
There's nothing like taking an abstract picture of abstract art.
There’s nothing like taking an abstract picture of abstract art.
It's not about where you've been but, rather where you are going.
It’s not about where you’ve been but, rather where you are going.

About me


Hi, my name is Aaron Love. My love for art started at the age of twelve when i got my first camera.  I instantly fell in love with photography as soon as i took my first photo, from that point on I’ve been making art using various mediums (going on fifteen years). My love for art eventually pushed me towards comic books and graphic novels.  The artwork and layouts blew my mind and from then on I was on a life path. I decided from that point on I would find a career doing what i love, and I wanted that career to encompass as many things that i love as possible. Graphic design is just that layouts, photography, logo design, creativity, typography, art, etc. I’m in my third year at Lane Community College after a two year hiatus. I’m a Graphic Design major with an emphasis on multimedia/web design. I have a passion for photography, animation, web/graphic design, as well as video production and traditional art (drawing, painting, etc). I am currently finishing up my one year Multimedia Design certificate and working on trying to get accepted into the second year Graphic Design program here at Lane Community College.