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A SuperHero and His Companion

For my media arts project six I had the idea to create a short batman film. Keeping it short and sweet while making sense was the challenge here. I went with Batman Gets a cat. I began with a written story followed by seven shots drawn into a storyboard sequence. I used shadows to portray the story. My equipment included a T3i Camera, Ari Light Kit, MD80 Recorder, and gels for color. I also had a monitor to see my composition while I worked. The hardest part was setting up shots. Placing characters into positions that made sense was difficult. For post production I used adobe premiere. Putting audio with the film was fun. I also enjoyed the colors used to portray mood. I hope you enjoy.

Five Spazz Exercises

What does five mean to you? Personally I thought of five workouts to do. It bopped into the top of my head and I love to go with fresh ideas and create them. So for my media arts project five, I introduce my workout spazz self to you guys. Showing five super simple exercises any one can do, in the eyes of spazz himself that is. With the help of my two roommates Chase and Jose, we attempt to bring a small workout production to life. Hoping to be comical and show off creative skills in one video, spazz himself takes you through the routines followed up by customer reviews. I hope you enjoy, learn a workout or two and most importantly laugh.

Audacity Fun


Audacity break-down

My goal for the audacity project was to create something fun, with a solid audio piece. Being a student of radio early on I thought it would be fun to do my own voice, alongside a well-known broadcaster.

I went with an NBA game setting where Cleveland takes on the Houston Rockets. Dick Vitale, a well known NCAA announcer will be my “partner” in crime. Although he is well know outside of the NBA, I thought it would be fun to pretend like I was a casual announcer inviting a friend. So that’s exactly what we did, spoke back and forth with live and fun energy.

I have to say, sometimes audio can feel so real and I had a very fun time emulating someone else’s voice. A unique one such as Mr. Vitale really made for a challenging recording as well. Capturing the hoarseness of his voice was tough without distorting completely.

Mixing with pro tools I feel I made a strong clean piece. Some Phhss, and Hsss could have been cleaned up but I did what I could in the time given.

Uploading to sound cloud was a breeze, as well as the blog. Hopefully it will present well in class and everyone will get a laugh or two.

Professional Blog


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.59.21 PM

The is a blog site keeping you up to date with current Hip-Hop and R&B news. From the latest video’s to the hottest fashion, the information keeps uploading. You’ll never fall behind  on the hottest artist and what there’re up to. If you are wanting to know whats new for your favorite hip-hop song, look no further. It can be a strong resource when trying to find new inspiration for songs. With a simple white background and a few places to click, this site is simple to navigate and well made. With links that bring you to credible sources, I feel confident when coming to this site for accurate news. Whether you want to know about your favorite artists next video shoot, or what they are wearing you can find it on the If you need a little fun for the day be sure to click on the list tab. Here you can find fun lists of things for example, top ten things to do while listening to your favorite artist. If you consider yourself a fan of Hip-Hop or R&B, be sure to keep the in your mind when looking for blogs. You can be sure when using this site that the information will be fun and informative.

Scavenger Hunt For Media Arts

A Scavenger Hunt, With a Few Selfies Two.

Teresa’s amazing door- IMG_1676

IMG_1681-Don’t fall into the ocean of media.

This is the coolest place ever- IMG_1677

IMG_1693-Our lovely Art Gallery on campus

All it takes is five bucks, do it-IMG_1691IMG_1666-Remember to be quiet in hereIMG_1697-Don’t miss the sculpture on your way out

IMG_1692-Mary Joe’s office

IMG_1657-I heard they drove hybrids here

IMG_1700-If you don’t know where Christina is your in trouble

IMG_1682-The wonderful Indy/Commons area

IMG_1662-Our welcoming flags of diversity

IMG_1670-I’m going in

About Me


My name is Shayne Sadler, i’m 19 years old studying Multimedia Design at Lance Community College in the wonderful Eugene area. Being a kid growing up in the new data era I love media, whether it be video, music, photos etc. Naturally the Media arts program sounded like a good degree to work towards.I am also enrolled in the final term of the Audio Engineering program offered at lane. Being in these programs one thing I have learned is to become a trouble shooter. Things in the chain go wrong at anytime so you have to be able to fix something at any time. After three terms full time I feel I am on course and on the path to a happy and successful career. Lane has done nothing but help me excel with my work habits and attitude. With my time at LCC I hope to produce my own music videos with the tools I develop. Developing ideas for my own free lance production company is something I want to work towards while studying at LCC. If you enjoy music or anything multi-media please feel free to stop and chat with me about anything related. It is in my best interest to converse with as many like minded students as possible with my time at LCC.