P1 About Me

by Nicole Sherman

Hello my name is Nicole Sherman, yes I did only add my last name for more words. Anyway I have been a part time student at lane for about a year now, plus taking the multimedia animation course. I’ve been doing art probably since middle school. Funny thing about it is I only got started doing art because I wanted to show off to this other kid, I can’t exactly remember how it all went because it happened so long ago.

First I started drawing on notebook paper sometimes even on assignments basically any paper I could get my hands on. My teacher wasn’t really happy that I was drawing instead of doing the assignments, but I kept doing it. Eventually if I remember correctly my parents got me my first sketchbook book.
Then I started drawing in that a lot probably going through one to two a year both pages front and back. That happened all throughout middle school untill I graduated middle school. maybe before or after my first year of high school my grandparents bought me an iPad for Christmas. which I still use to this day and I hope to still use it when I get into the animation industry.