Introducing Me

Greetings, I am Lady Diaz, an aspiring animator studying at Lane Community College. These are some of the things that define me:

  • I am bilingual in Spanish and English and I have an intermediate level of reading comprehension in Korean. However, I cannot speak Korean.
  • I enjoy learning standard French, watching YouTube videos on various topics that interest me, and binging on true crime stories in my spare time.
  • I am obsessed with the “Blue Beard” episode in “Los Cuentos De los Hermanos Grim”, produced by Nippon Animation based on the fairytale adaptations of the Brothers Grimm. I also consider this show as my first introduction into Animation and as the reference for the type of work I wish to create. 
  • I am very passionate about my academic pursuits and I always strive to learn as much as I can. Therefore, I am a perfectionist who seeks a lot of feedback. I used to fear criticism and see it as a conflict, but since I decided to pursue animation as a profession, it has become the thing that motivates me the most.

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with some feedback on my blogs that will help me improve. 

Thank you.

Lady Diaz