Here, have an introduction!

By: Jeremy Roman

My name is Jeremy. I’m a 35 year old Navy veteran, and spent my time stationed in Norfolk, Virginia onboard the USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55) for 5 years. I was in the supply department, and spent my time rotating between the ship’s store, ship laundry, and the barbershop. I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York, where I lived until I was 16, when I moved to South Florida. I’m also a father of two. I have twin sons who are about to turn 7 years old. 

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a nerd. I love franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, and the MCU. I occasionally like playing tabletop roleplaying games, like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Starfinder. I’m also an occasional gamer, playing things like Rocket League, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Mario Kart (That last game usually being played with my kids on the weekend). 

Since I’m a Multimedia Design major, my end goal with this degree is to be able to create my own multimedia company and get to work for myself. I originally chose multimedia design because I have always loved creating. Whether that takes the form of digital illustration, traditional illustration, photo manipulation (via Photoshop), or creating videos online for Youtube or TikTok. I figured since I was already doing these things in my free time, I might as well learn how to do them better and build skills doing what I already love.