Final Project – Sandra Osorio

“Arroz Con Gandules”

Arroz Con Gandules (Puerto Rican Rice with Pigeon Peas)

I always get excited when my husband is about to make this Puerto Rican rice, it makes the whole house smell so good, and is packed with so many flavors. The best part about him making it this time, is that I got to use it for my final project!

I had fun recording this, and putting the video together, which also made me realize how much work goes into editing to make these type of videos.

In the future I would like to record more than what I think I need, I feel like I could’ve been more creative with some of my shots, and explored more animations to implement in this video. Other than that, I think everything is pretty straight forward, and I’m looking forward to making more short videos like these.

I really enjoyed taking this class, I learned a lot from Teresa as well as other classmates. I hope to see everyone next term!

Got song from:

Title: Leche

Artist: House of Say

By: Sandra Osorio