My roommate writes short stories sometimes, and I decided to bring this one to life. I wanted a very minimal approach to this one, which was tough for me. I love adding music in my videos, and since I decided I didn’t want this one to have any, it feels almost unfinished. I am very happy with the final product, and will definitely consider redoing it in the future when I have better equipment and skill. I had an extra fun time making this one because I didn’t have to worry about the story aspect so much since it was already written in a short story format. I really enjoy putting all my focus into making someone else’s story come alive. I will probably use this technique again in the future and just find short stories online and turn them into short films. Sometimes I have my own ideas for a story, but there’s something really special to me about redoing someone else’s work using a different medium, and I end to do better work this way.

The hardest part for me was the technical stuff that comes along with using the Adobe Suite. I am decently familiar with the suite, but I’ve been pushing myself lately to explore and challenge myself in the special effects realm of After Effects. I animated the title and credit sequences, the fly, and some of the blood using After Effects and I feel like I learned so much that I wouldn’t even know where to start, putting it into a paragraph. I made so many mistakes and had to fix so many things, and I cannot wait until I am good with these programs. Once I finally get really good at them, I’m going to fake another moon landing.

Big thank you to my family, girlfriend and friends for bearing with me over the last week and a half. And Teresa, I can’t wait for the next class with you.

By Annie Perkins