About Me! – By: Mary K

Hey! My name Is Mary Kirkpatrick. I’m currently following the Multimedia Design: Animation degree here at LCC. I was a Programming major last year here at Lane, but decided to switch and see if I liked art any better. Programming/Computer Science are both very interesting and can be fun, but I’m just better at being creative and artsy. I hope to one day get to work in the Games Industry, either making concept art, character designs/animation, or similar.

I have tons of Hobbies. Some I have are playing video games (obviously), drawing, cosplay, and 3d printing.

A few of my favorite video games have to be Dark Souls, Halo, Doom, Pokemon (especially the Mystery Dungeon Series), Overwatch, Mario Kart, and Destiny. I play almost all genres of games, and tend to hop to different games every month or so. I play a lot of Minecraft and Fall Guys with friends, they can be pretty good games to play when hanging out with people.

As for drawing, I usually prefer drawing digitally, but traditional art can be a nice difference. I try to post my art to my Instagram as a way to see my own progress. I would love to do commissions for people some day, and maybe sell some stickers of my art online too.

Cosplay and 3d printing kind of go hand to hand with each other. I love printing out props and armor for costumes, and painting them all. To be able to see where you started, from nothing, and eventually create a full costume is insane. For the past half a year or so, I have been making a Boba Fett cosplay for a convention coming up. I also like printing out different figures to paint and put on my shelves.

Hope this blog post helps you get to know me better. I am excited to meet new people and see what we learn in this class!