About me -by Liz

Hi, I am Liz! 😀

I am from Warm Springs, it is about 3 hours away from Eugene. I am 19 years old. Something interesting about me is that my birthday is 1/2/03. I have a cat, named Clementine!

I attend COCC in Bend and I majored in Chemistry. After a year of doing chemistry I don’t think it was the right major for me. I am now a Multimedia Design major! I am currently just testing the waters of every area in this program to see what I like the most. I have the most experience with photography and I am excited to expand my knowledge.

I love playing games, video and board games. I have been very obsessed with playing Minecraft and Fall Guys at the moment. 

 I have been getting back into drawing and painting. I want to learn more about watercolors and learn how to paint landscapes. 

During my free time I watch way too much TV, my favorite shows are The Walking Dead and Supernatural and Gilmore Girls! I have basically watched all of the well known shows.

I am taking some French classes here at LCC so I can travel to France at some point! Traveling to France has always been on my bucket list.