A Drawing Instead of a Picture

Hello my name is Kaydance but you can call me Kay! I am a student at LCC and I am currently in the animation program. I chose the animation program because, well to put it simply, I love animation and am very passionate about it! I can’t wait to start animating my characters and other cute little critters.

I love all things art related and have dabbled in all sorts of art mediums. From theater, dance, choir, poetry, painting, and drawing. I also have some experience sewing, felting, and sculpting. I also like to do cosplays and have made a few costumes myself. For example, one Halloween, and eventually comic con, I dressed up as Hinami Fueguchi from Tokyo Ghoul. I’ve also cosplayed Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer. Note to other cosplayers, if you ever want to cosplay a character that requires you to use body paint, please reconsider, it’s miserable. Other things about me is that I love studying history, folk lore, myths, and odd facts. I also know a bit of French and am currently learning Japanese for fun.

I do not like to take pictures of myself. Thankfully, we’re allowed to use “artwork” of ourselves instead so I hope you enjoy this drawing that represents me.

By Kay