For the fun of the game

By Molly Engelman

No matter what the game is, the objective is to have a good time while playing, right?
Late last month, I was invited to film an Airsoft game at “The Swamp”; a scenario-based airsoft and paintball field in Oregon. The Airsoft game itself is similar to paintball, but instead requires 6mm BBs, usually made of a biodegradable material. The BBs do not leave a visible mark like paintballs do, so many players will cosplay their own style or favorite character without the risk of being doused with paint. Each round of the game may have a different objective such as capture-the-flag, defend a location, or dodgeball. At this particular event there were over 100 people on the field at any given time, split into two teams.

Throughout the day I used five different cameras, including a cell phone, Canon DSLR, two GoPros, and a drone. As I am only one person, I set myself in charge of three cameras, then stuck a GoPro on a friend who was playing that day and left the drone in the hands of my boyfriend with instructions to “have fun, don’t hit anything”. By the end of the day, I had hours and hours of footage, including when a GoPro was left on and sat in my car, alone during the lunch break. Some of the best footage was from my friend, as he is usually right in the middle of any action and paired well with the overhead shots from the drone. Looking back, I should have had him use the newer GoPro with image stabilization, but my smoother shots at a slower pace break up the high energy throughout the video.

Overall, it was a fun experience being on the field and filming throughout the day. I’m already working on another video for The Swamp of a recent paintball event, but that’s a story for another day, when that video is completed.