A trip to Portland – Braden Ivey

When I started this assignment, I originally had an entirely different plan for what it was going to be on. But when I heard that I had the chance to go up to Portland for a few days, I decided that I liked the idea of filming the trip instead. The purpose for going there in the first place was me, my mom, and my sister were going to my sisters dance competition. From the beginning of the trip, I knew that because of being in Portland and not somewhere I could access everyday, I needed to make sure that I gathered a lot of film in case I needed it. For that reason, I made sure to record outside of the car whenever I thought that a shot looked good. Once at the place where the dance competition was being held, I wasn’t sure how much I could record there. This changed, however, when we learned that there was a fort nearby that we went to the next day and I was able to get some videos from. On the way back from the trip, I recorded more videos outside of the car. For editing the footage, I ran into a few problems that I had to solve. One of them was finding a song that fit with my footage, which I ended up finding one which I think fits in the end. Another problem was I wanted to use different types of transitions between different clips. I wasn’t able to figure out how they worked in After Effects, so I had them fade in and out. Overall, I had a lot of fun on the trip and it’s nice to capture it in a video.