The fear of growing up and the enevitable End.P6-Final Project

The whole process of recording this short video was a blast. I feltt guilty for my camera man, as I had held him hostage and gave him a lot of directions when it came to filming me. of course, the one major difficulty I had while filming was to capture all of the important scenes that required me to have a beard on screen, because once I shaved. It was over. I had the interest to make this film as I had been growing a beard and had people talk about how older it made me appear. I thought about shaving my beard a while a go, but thoght it would be intersting if I had made something with and without facial hair. As interesting was the concept; the following showed to be a challenge. How was I supposed to transition between me without facial hair and with facial hair. Being able to mark ourselves with tape and doing the same gestures helped me be able to slighty redeem the illusion of continuity. I unfortunately hadn’t produced a illusion that i wanted, but the idea to make it appear continuous would have me to black out the screen for a couple of seconds and to edit in the past/ future me. The wether and time was also a tricky obstacle to maneuveras it had to be done fast, or within the same time, weather, or lighting when it came to recording outside. Especially if I had no beard, because it takes TIME to grow, at least for me. I had so much more content recorded for this video. However that would have to remain as a deleted scene lost in media. However as truth be told, this was a fun, funtastic, and marvelous experience I had when making this film. I love creating stories and being able to express myself through media. Being able to do this was such a pleasure and I’m so grateful to had the opportunity to attend this class. Hope you enjoy, and if you’d like some deleted scenes, I wouldn’t mind sharing. With a price of course…Jk 🙂

Angel Acosta