P6 Final Project

My original idea was to make a short film. At that point, I had already prepared a script, found actors, and locations, and timed everything, but at the last minute, I got sick with covid. I had to shoot at home, and it was quite difficult because it was not easy to find unusual and interesting subjects. To change the atmosphere at home, I used different colored lights. I also shot a lot of the scenes with the lights off in the dark so other objects would not be caught in the shot.
During the course of the project I was watching a movie called “Taxi Driver” and I was very inspired by it. I loved the angles, the color work, the atmosphere of the film, and the music. In the first half of the video, I tried to recreate that atmosphere by adding noise, warm colors, and calm jazz music.
In the second half of the video I experimented with color, and I got the idea to shoot the same video with rotation several times, using different colors to make one video out of them later. While cutting the video, I was looking for black frames to make smooth transitions between videos. It didn’t turn out as smoothly as I would have liked, but the result was still satisfactory to me.
There is no message or concept in this video. I tried to create an eye-catching image and experiment with the equipment. I also wanted to try and create footage without any post-editing that looked like a montage.
I originally had no expectations for the project, so I’m kind of happy with the result. Thanks for your attention!