Photos by Jake

Here is a picture of a roll of toilet paper sitting on the banister of my stairs. Thrilling! (Riddle 1, Toilet Paper)
This chair was much heavier than it looks. (Riddle 2, Chair)
This picture of ice that I dumped in the driveway looked a lot better before I rounded the edges, but for the sake of consistency, I will live with it. (Riddle 3, Ice)
I considered taking the dryer picture from the inside, however, I am too big and my little brother was not home. (Riddle 4, Dryer)
Ironically, I got another pair of shoes very dirty while on my way to take this picture. (Riddle 5, Shoes)
This is either a tree, or an extremely bad case of eczema. (Riddle 6, Tree)
You have no idea how much garbage is hidden inside of this thing. (Riddle 7, Car)
I can’t come up with a caption for this one. (Riddle 8, Table)
That coffee mug is actually empty, I wasn’t going to make fresh coffee just to take a picture of it. (Riddle 9, Coffee)
If you’re ever unsure of how to take a good picture of something, just set it outside, it always helps. (Riddle 10, Mirror)

By, Jake Burton.