P6-Final Project-Ridic Ferrand

By Ridic Ferrand

At first when my classmates started suggesting that Quinn and I worked together I thought it was just a fun little joke that would never come to fruition. Several weeks later and here I am staring at the final product of our hard work together. It’s been a pleasure working with Quinn and I’m glad I followed through with the idea.

Going into the project it took us a while to come up with an idea to begin with. Would we do a good cop bad cop? Would we do an angel and devil on the shoulder? Or perhaps an Ace Attorney style conflict between two lawyers? Luckily we came to the idea of playing news anchors which worked out rather well as all of the other ideas would have required at least one other person as this really just required the two of us and a little bit of voice work from my dad.

As far as filming went, my side of it required me to set up a make shift studio in my house having to move around tons of furniture to get as close to a news anchor look as possible. Also perhaps using green tie with green screen was not the brightest idea, but at least it was dark enough to not be too noticeable. Being on my own to film my part lead to quite a lot of procrastination and turned what should have been a 10 minute shoot into 2 hours wasted.

Quinn’s side of it had us both on location at the Valley River mall using my camera and was over a lot quicker than I expected as having someone else with me kept me on track to not mess around and work on getting the shooting done as soon as possible.

When editing, I worked on getting the green screen effect to work on my clips and getting the effect of the camera falling over to look right, as I had to do it on my own being I didn’t have an extra hand to tip over requiring a lot of overhaul in post. After that, I trimmed my excessive amount of footage to a couple takes and sent them over to Quinn for him to decide which ones to use before putting it all together into the final project us, hence why it is on his channel and not mine.

It’s been a pleasure working with you, Quinn. Here’s too hoping we have future classes together.

Police voice: Joshua Van Horn (my dad)
Please standby effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG770qn8A9Q
Music: https://freesound.org/s/468213/