P4 Audio – Rob S.

My goal for this assignment was to create an interview with one of my bandmates with Nevermix. I wanted to create feeling of a professional interviewer talking about someone’s experience as a musician and what their goals are as member of a newer band writing our own songs. Being part of a new band itself is an exciting experience. And I wanted to get to know one of my bandmates a little better. Really though, it’s an excuse to share the band and its members for people to become more familiar with. Because we will get out there and show the world

It was relatively simple with my experience with recording and editing audio. The difficult part was using an editing platform I’m not overly familiar with already. Helps me broaden my skills and experiences by working with new programs and new effects, as well as a new form of audio entertainment I’ve never experienced before. Working with something as simple as sitting down with one other person made me realize I don’t need to have my voice present for the initial interview since I can record my voice asking the questions at a later time, making both voices as clear as possible.