P4 Audio – Frankie and His Fly Friend

With this story I was hoping to bring some laughs with a weird story about these frogs and toads and creatures you would imagine that lurk around in dirty swamps. I was hoping to grasp the idea of the atmosphere with the background “music” being sounds of crickets chirping in the night and introducing you to this sort of personified world that these creatures live in, with the breaking news sound effect in the beginning you can tell these critters clearly live in some sort of civilized society, giving context clues about the type of universe we’re possibly residing in. I was hoping to make a short comedy. It ended up being a minute too long so I had to shorten it a bit and add what I think would be considered a classic (to the generation of memes) “to be continued” song that is often used in a lot of memes. I went to youtube for my sound effects of the frogs ribbiting, and I tried messing with lowing the voice. I am very new when working with audio and sounds, still learning of course so it’s not perfect but I put my spirit into it. I hope you get some laughs out of this, whether or not you end up laughing with me or at me.

By Remedy Brady