P4 Audio

By : Hannah Freudenthaler

I’m not really a fan of horror, but I was told that I should give it a try. I went through a few different stories before landing on this one, mostly because it fit in the time limit. I wanted a story that had room for sound effects but also had an engaging story that I would like to read. I am with the majority of people, I’m guessing, who really don’t like the sound of their voice so this project did have its challenges. I would repeat sentences multiple times before trying to record so I had less of a reason to go back and listen to myself when it was just my voice. I didn’t struggle too much with incorporating sounds into the recording, it was just finding the right ones that was very frustrating. Finding the right sounding footsteps was almost a whole day’s search in itself, I had a bit of luck when my old house made a creaking sound when I was recording and decided to save it just in case and I was really happy I did even though I know what it is it makes some good Foley. Overall this project was not as hard as I thought it would be, and was actually quite enjoyable.