P4 Audio – Jazlin

For this project I was not really sure what I wanted to do. I struggled with thinking up a topic so I decided that I could do something about that. So my little story is basically about me trying to get a assignment done but my cat keeps interrupting me. 

I wanted to try and keep my project simple. I have not done much in the way of audio editing before and that was still a very long time ago. Recording my own voice is something I don’t do often and I really found it awkward listening to my own voice over and over as I tried editing me project. I feel like I should defiantly spend more time working with audacity and other audio programs to get a better feel for them. I especially found working with incorporating music tricky and feel like I need to experiment with it more. I would also like to to try doing more with recording my own sound effects. I recorded one for this project but because its tricky to get recordings of my own cat meowing I had to use recordings I found.

-By Jazlin Sobel