P4 Audio – Bianca H.

BOTTOMS UP TRADE SCHOOL (B.U.T.S) – Radio Advertisement

For this project I wanted to show a little humor on a make believe scenario about dropping out of a four year university and looking up a trade school called Bottoms Ups Trade School (B.U.T.S. I made this school up for this project.) I think that high school teachers and college counselors underemphasize trade school and don’t really advertise it as a different option for higher education. I have friends that share their stories with me on how people react when they learn how much they make a year and share how they don’t have any student loan debt. I personally like going to school, so I don’t intend to drop out, just to make that clear.

I was unable to run Audacity on my outdated laptop, so I got creative and used iMove. They have great options for foley sounds and royalty free music. I am happy how this turned out. I hope you all enjoy it!