About Remedy

What’s Up ! I’m Remedy Brady, I was born In Portland and moved around a lot, I would fly out one year with my dad and one year with my mom, as that was the custody agreement at the time since I was around 5, up until around 7th grade my dad got custody and he decided to move back out to Oregon !! He grew up here his whole life and had family out here, so we lived In Eugene for a couple years before moving to Cottage Grove when I was 14. I Lived in Red Bluff and Fairfield California for a time, Idaho, Phoenix Arizona, Montana, and Spokane Washington. So I did a lot of back and forth up until 7th grade when my dad decided to get custody of me because my mom was struggling and fighting mental health and addiction. During this time I was also struggling with the situation, and it didn’t really help the most that I was also getting bullied in school, grades starting getting worse as my mental health followed and I was only 9 when this all started, so fourth grade up until 7th. I was 9 and kind of just looking for ways to cope haha. I remember watching my favorite youtubers back in 4th grade and thinking about how they film and edit their videos, write their scripts, animate their stories, and how they did this all on their own and created from scratch or out of passion for something they enjoyed. Back when Youtube just started kickin’. I tried my best to replicate how they filmed videos with my little Kindle Fire tablet and I started vlogging every day, making little skits with toys and props and I built my own little mini sets, and I was posting that to a Youtube channel that still exists because I forgot the password… you might be able to find it.. Or maybe not haha, But eventually I got my hands on this camera my uncle had bought for me because everyone knew I had like multiple Youtube channels for different stuff, probably too many. Unfortunately the charger literally broke inside of the camera and I couldn’t get it out and it never worked again, never got to edit those videos but I enjoyed everything about it. I loved making characters, giving them stories, building the sets, filming at different angles, and I was even the voice actor haha! Things like Film, Writing, Drawing, Poetry and especially music were what I went to as a sort of escape from the outside world I was dealing with at the time, it was my outlet for my emotions, rage, happiness, sadness, all of the emotions that come with being a person and growing up, trying to make sense of the world. It was my therapy I’d say, it was also the only way I knew how to make sense of my thoughts and emotions at the time because with Film, Music, Poetry, whatever it is when related to art, It has a beautiful way of telling and making sense of stories while either giving the most detail or the shortest, simplest explanations and I think the way it makes sense so beautifully is well beautiful. I think Arts in many forms is one of the things that you can connect to no matter who you are, it’s one of the few things that have the ability to bring people together or help others understand others, or kind of force you to look a little deeper into the meaning behind the art and get past the surface level question of whether this art is worthy of being considered “good art”. Even Art with no meaning could be saying a lot in itself. I hope to learn how to make my dreams a reality and finally get to creating and dedicating my time to my passions. I hope to pursue two careers at the moment mainly in Film-Making for the big boys whoever they end up being at the time, and Writing and Producing my own music. I’m excited to learn as much as I can !!