3 thoughts on “Riddle Me This – By Jasem Dulany

  1. Riki

    The photos with the black background and relatively close-up shot of the various subjects give a very distinct professional look. Especially with the lighting that highlights the various objects that holds the idea of a product showcase.

  2. Melvin Stratis

    Nicely done Jasem! You really incorporated a lot of creativity in these shots! The black back drop, fishing wire and Box idea worked out great in all of those photos! As mentioned in class, I think you have a talent for taking pictures of images like they are in a commercial or something like that. great job.

  3. Miya Ott

    Wow! Awesome effort making your background solid and clean so that the object stands out, I really like the approach you took to capturing these simple items. Especially with the toilet paper and ice-cubes, the ice-cubes almost look like they’re floating on their own which is really trippy.

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