5 thoughts on “Riddle Me This!

  1. Riki

    Overall the photos have a very cinematic quality. If these photos were scenes of a film I would be in suspense to see what happens next.

  2. Melvin Stratis

    I can see you already have a pretty neat photography background ! Your style is pretty intersting to say the least. I really enjoy the darker photos, it seems like you took time to get the exposer looking smoothed and buttery.

  3. Melvin Stratis

    Very interesting stuff here! I liked the darker photos. I can see you’ve had a lot of practice setting up your exposer and it shows. You seem to have a grasp on how to work those settings and make some wonderful looking pictures. I suppose my favorite one would have to be the mirror shot because its got a lot of colors and shows a lot of detail around the focal points.

  4. Miya Ott

    I really like the lighting and atmosphere of your photos, I also think it was smart how you kept it consistent throughout all of them. Your post very clearly answers the riddles while doing it in your own creative style, great job!

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