Mysterious – Final Project

The final project was an interesting and fun project. My original idea was to make a video about art block, simply because I was in one! But I finally came up with an idea that I thought would match my interests in the creepy/mysterious aesthetic that I like going with for my projects. I knew I wanted to incorporate tarot cards and candles into my video, with some witch type of figure. I was thinking about recording myself doing an actual tarot reading by drawing the cards and laying them out and talking about them, but I didn’t think that would be “spooky” enough. My voice isn’t spooky in the slightest and I didn’t think I could pull that off. So instead I compiled footage of myself lighting candles and looking through the cards, some smoke, and some shots of crystals and other things. I then went on the search for some stock footage that would match my theme and I ended up finding some really interesting clips. I really wanted the moon to be in the video so I’m glad I could find a high-quality video clip of that. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do that with my camera at all so that was definitely needed. I also found some really interesting clips of a witch-type figure at a bonfire, which I couldn’t do myself due to not knowing where exactly to light a fire like that and make it look interesting without causing a wildfire! Overall I really enjoyed editing the project because I learned a lot of new tricks with my program. I ended up snipping, copying, and reversing clips a lot to create the effects I did. During this, I learned a lot about video transitions and what types of transitions fit with the overall mood of the video. I hope everyone enjoys it or at least found it interesting to watch.

2 thoughts on “Mysterious – Final Project

  1. Keyan G Carlile

    This was definitely sufficiently mysterious! Was there meaning to some of these shots? Or was it just for fun.
    it seems you had a lot of pre-existing props that really helped you out here. It was very clever. (Also, who are you? I don’t see your name attached)
    Anyways, great job.

  2. Timothy Patton

    Yooo! Spooky and professional! This is feature film quality right here. The transitions fit well in this, and at no point did I feel them to be jarring. I’m eager to see what the class thinks!

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