Oregon Snow Adventures with Moose!

When I got word that my mom had access to a drone for her camping trip, I knew I had to do something with it. I have always wanted to get my hands on some more professional looking footage, and I figured this would be the perfect chance to experiment with it. She’s wanted me to edit for her for a while now as well, so everything kind of just fell into place. 

My biggest challenge with this project was that I had no control at all of what footage came my way, since I couldn’t be there. I tried to give them a list of things that I wanted shot, however, I left a lot of room for creativity. I felt like this was a good idea at the time, but when they came back with actual hours of footage of just my dog playing fetch, I couldn’t do much with it. 

While I was editing, I decided to create a simple storyline with the footage I was given. I started with several establishing shots to set the scene and get a feel for the area that it was in. There were some beautiful scenery shots that I was given to work with, and they worked great as introductory shots. From there, I visually introduced my dog with a video transition, and from there, I focused on several shots of him playing fetch in the snow. I hoped to have a little more variety in my shots around there, but I didn’t have much to work with. From there, there were a few more shots of him playing in the snow, catching snowballs and chasing mice, but they were shot in a different location, so I used a dip to black to introduce the shot of my mom and my dog hiking to somewhere else in order to keep visual setting continuity. 

I think that given the footage that I had to work with, I think my project turned out great. I was hoping to edit a video documenting my dog’s adventures in the snow, and I really think I got what I was hoping for. Onto the next adventure!