RTN Blog Post: Lance Bangs

This report will be centered around the career of Lance Bangs. Lance Bangs is a Filmmaker/Music Video Director, and has worked with a lot of big names in the music industry. I chose Lance Bangs to write about because although we may have different genres in mind, we have similar passions and goals.

Lance Bangs is from New Jersey, but got out of there because it wasn’t the right place to be for him. He moved down to Georgia with filmmaking goals. He would document his journey in Georgia, and show people what he was doing while sleeping at different places around the area. Lance Bangs didn’t go to any film school, so he started with no education in the field. He did attend art classes at a local university in Athens, and he would also show his films at a small theater. he wasn’t specifically looking to become a music video director, but caught the eye of bands that wanted to work with him after they would see his filmmaking work at the theater when they would pass through Athens for their shows.

I relate to this because I am also interested in creating music videos. His career choices seems like they are right up my alley. Learning about Lance’s career has motivated me to start pushing content early and putting content out for people to see. It’s good to know someone can have a career in this field without going to film school, because I was considering trying to get into one. It’s good to know it isn’t a necessity to be successful with film. Lance said, “I was sleeping sometimes in like laundromats or gas station bathroom or places like that and doing personal diaries about why I was there or what was happening.” Him saying this was really interesting because it shows how no matter where you start, you can finish big. It also made me feel more thankful for having the resources I have

If Lance Bangs can come up from a rough start, then what excuses do I or anyone have to not work for our futures. His story is very motivational for anyone in any field. I would recommend his story to anyone who is soul searching and could use more motivation.

Source: https://roadtripnation.com/leader/lance-bangs?jwsource=cl

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