5 thoughts on “Photos by Sarah

  1. Cole Brown

    Sarah, I really like the picture of the trees; where was this taken? Also is that just a huge roll of toilet paper or is that just some photography magic at its finest? Either way, great photo!

  2. Anna Ballinger

    I really enjoy your photos, especially the ones with interesting perspectives such as under the trees or looking up at a mug. I also really like how you were able to capture the reflections in the washing machine, it looks really neat in black and white and you managed to make a washing machine look pretty. lol 🙂

  3. Morgan Murphy

    I love your photo for the car! I used to have a carpet like that for hotwheels! I also really like the photo of the washing machine! I think the lighting and shadows are just wonderful. The angle for the forest photo is absolutely stunning as well.

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