W21-P2 The Junk I Live Around

Behold: the royal Bottom Cloth. Quite a sight indeed.
Many generations have sat in this lovely seat. Too many in fact…We should probably get a new one…
I wasted six ice cubes for this picture. I can’t tell if it was worth it.
I don’t use it as often as I probably should.
They ain’t pumped up kicks, but they still have kick in ’em.
This tree is the same age as me!
I’m learning to drive using this car. The stereotype of speedy red cars probably won’t work in my favor.
We can’t put anything on this table without the cat trying to knock it off.
Brilliant anniversary gift for my parents. I wish I had the brains to get them something like this.
I don’t often look in mirrors, so when I do pass by one, it kinda scares me.

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