Sydney’s Riddle Assignment

Toilet Paper. Nothing special here, just a simple shot of a TP roll in my mother’s house. I particularly liked the shadows in this picture.
Chairs. This vintage salon chairs have been a staple of my home neighborhood since I was young, and they were the first image to cross my mind when reading over this assignment.
Ice. I planned to photograph ice while snowboarding last weekend, but it was so warm and sunny on the mountain I couldn’t find any.
Washer, I photographed this while walking at night, thought an outside shot looking into a wash room would work great for this project.
Shoes, I’m no sneaker head but here’s my favorite pair of shoes.
Trees, the tall trees in the miniature forest that is my neighbors back yard.
Cars. I purposefully took this picture behind the window and shade to offer perspective to the image rather than just a plan old car.
Coffee Table, not a particularly interesting photo, but it gets the job done.
Coffee, featuring my favorite mug.
Mirror. I’ve always loved this mirrored door in my old neighborhood and thought it would make a great shot.

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