About Chris Alvarado W21-P1

Hi Everybody my name is Chris Alvarado and I’m naturally an East Coast kid, but have lived in Eugene for most of my life. I am nineteen years old and really want to get a head start on everything while at a young age. I’m a big football fan and most of my free time involves music in some way. I miss concerts and all live events that covid had to ruin. I also love anything film related and love a well produced story. I kind of know my way around a kitchen because I took Catering and International Foods in high school. I’m taking Media Arts because I want to grow a music business through blogging, and eventually expand to making music videos and live events with Oregon based artists. I feel Media Arts will give me a better understanding on how to grow through different media options, and also give visual inspiration for creating art through filming music videos.

By: Chris Alvarado

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