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Hi there!

I’m Timothy Patton, and I’ve been making short Stop Motion Animation films since I was 13 years old. I started my own YouTube channel in October of 2015, and have since then amassed over 8,000 subscribers. Despite the numbers, I haven’t received a single cent of revenue in the 5 years I’ve been animating, as most of my projects contain copyrighted content. I figured the money isn’t worth sacrificing my channel to unavoidable copyright strikes.

My amateur animation setup

One such video I take much pride in is Amelioration: my first step into digital animation, and a testament to my ability to find workarounds for a seemingly endless stream of problems. It taught me a great deal on Workflow and my underlying love of computer functionality, which made me come to understand that maybe Stop Motion isn’t what my passion needs to surround. It’s far more efficient, and flexible than any physical animation medium out there. Unfortunately, Amelioration received half the amount of views than that of my number of followers, which is typically how media works. The more ambitious/different an art piece is, the less attention it typically receives.

I currently have no plans post College, not out of a disregard for the future, but rather a calm transition into adulthood. High School gladly thrusted College-level workflow on my unsuspecting childhood routine, and I resent that. This ‘one-problem-at-a-time’ philosophy will hopefully allow me to sympathize with younger generations by the time I’m old enough to give them the work I once mulled over.

4 thoughts on “P1 About Timothy

  1. Sarah Stuart

    Hey Timothy!
    There is so many great things your brought up here. Firstly, I want to follow you on youtube! I have always had a deep appreciation for stop motion. As for your perspective on how fast pace and intensive the workload in college is you’re right, it is a jarring transition. For myself, I can relate to you and I find myself wanting to relax and create more. One thing I have noticed from being in school for a couple years now, is school is a skill and it’ll get easier.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Sydney Hammer-Powell

    Nice to meet you Tim. I’ve always been curious about stop motion film but never gotten into it myself, its awesome that you’ve been doing it since you were 13 and gained quite the following! I also have no solid plan for my post college life so its relieving to see I’m not the only one here without a ground plan.

  3. Anna

    Hi Timothy,
    Congrats on the subs! That’s really awesome that you aren’t confining yourself to the limits of youtube’s copyright issues to make money. I’m sure that will pay off in the future (if that’s what you want). Do you assemble and paint all of your Mech models? “Amelioration” has such a unique futuristic feel to it and I really like the simplistic colors used in it, it makes the animation movements stand out. I bet animating the tank tracks and wheels was hard to do.

  4. Hannah

    Hi Tim!
    It’s so amazing to see that you’re still following your passion that you’ve had for so long! I remember you showing me your Youtube channel back in high school and being so amazed by it. When I saw your face in this class, it made me so happy learning that you were still following your dreams! Cheers to success Tim!

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