P1 About Timothy

Hi there!

I’m Timothy Patton, and I’ve been making short Stop Motion Animation films since I was 13 years old. I started my own YouTube channel in October of 2015, and have since then amassed over 8,000 subscribers. Despite the numbers, I haven’t received a single cent of revenue in the 5 years I’ve been animating, as most of my projects contain copyrighted content. I figured the money isn’t worth sacrificing my channel to unavoidable copyright strikes.

My amateur animation setup

One such video I take much pride in is Amelioration: my first step into digital animation, and a testament to my ability to find workarounds for a seemingly endless stream of problems. It taught me a great deal on Workflow and my underlying love of computer functionality, which made me come to understand that maybe Stop Motion isn’t what my passion needs to surround. It’s far more efficient, and flexible than any physical animation medium out there. Unfortunately, Amelioration received half the amount of views than that of my number of followers, which is typically how media works. The more ambitious/different an art piece is, the less attention it typically receives.

I currently have no plans post College, not out of a disregard for the future, but rather a calm transition into adulthood. High School gladly thrusted College-level workflow on my unsuspecting childhood routine, and I resent that. This ‘one-problem-at-a-time’ philosophy will hopefully allow me to sympathize with younger generations by the time I’m old enough to give them the work I once mulled over.

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