P1 About Nicholas

Hello everybody my name is Nicholas but for some reason my middle name “Makoa” has always been the name I go by. My whole life I have been living in Hawai’i and loved the water. From surfing to body boarding to body surfing I have always enjoyed riding waves. In high school I played basketball for all four years and that took up a lot of my time . One of the most memorable moments of my life was my first ever high school game when I scored 20 points in front of the whole school and I just always remembered that feeling. Ever since covid has hit the human race my hobbies have shifted from those things i just said to video games and puzzles. It was a very strange switch to my life but I can say I enjoyed both sides of the types of hobbies I chose. When I finish the media arts program I hope to have a full understanding of the apps that we use. I feel that being able to use apps that include media arts will be a huge advantage at this point in time. Almost everybody nowadays is trying to be an entrepreneur or have some sort of their own business. This class can open opportunities for me that may be in need or be a skill that people are looking for. 

By: Nicholas Nakamura