Weird Al Yankovich

by: Connor Lee Ullrich, RTN Blog Post

Weird Al Yankovich struck me by surprise being featured on Roadtrip Nation. He has had an unusual music career making most of his money from parodies of billboard-breaking hits. Many don’t know that Al went to school to become an architect for four years before his music career took off, and it was not until his junior year of college that he started to realize his campus radio show gig brought him more happiness than designing architecture. However, he started his journey towards a career in architecture at the age of 12 and also started submitting songs to a local radio station at 13 years of age. His school counselor steered him towards architecture because excelled at art and math, but he realized in his third year of college that his “Weird Al” radio gimmick was gaining positive feedback from the audience and a couple of his parody songs from his first EP were becoming viral; Dr. Demento funded Al’s first EP of parody songs because some of his parody songs had become so popular. Lastly, Weird Al says “you have to know you went through life giving it your best shot; you don’t want to look back over you life with regret” (RTN, Milestone, Weird Al Yancovich).

Roadtrip Nation link:

Weird Al Yankovic - Roadtrip Nation

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