F20-P3-Roadtrip Nation Report

Zaria Forman: Illuminating Climate Change Through Art

By:Darlene Waters

For this report, I chose Zaria Forman. She is an Artist and Climate Change Activist. I decided to write about her because this is an issue I have been increasingly interested in. And what could I possibly do about it to help out? Though she does paintings with pastels and I lean more towards photography, I was drawn to her experiences of traveling and seeing the world as it is and what things are changing in nature and puts in a form from her perspective. She is expressing our need to heed the warnings. Her career started when she was very young traveling the globe with her mother but, ultimately her trip to Greenland and seeing the damage. It got her moving in this direction of getting the word out about Climate Change with her larger-than-life pieces of artwork. She shows the beauty of what we have, and it’s something we do not want to lose.

Here is a link to my report: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fSgnPwG7kfs9MlR0yYCYL4cLlTXj1ULfuhj03iJhCH8/edit?usp=sharing

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