About Me

Hello my name is James Lang

I am a first year Multimedia Design student. This is my first year at LCC. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and I am an avid gamer. I play a wide variety of games but I mostly play FPS. I have two dogs and a pet deer.

Back in 2013 my family and I took a trip in an RV to Minnesota. It was a fairly normal trip there and the first couple of days were normal then on the fourth day the fish weren’t biting so we got a little suspicious. That night we all were watching TV and suddenly tornado sirens started going off so my mom took the car and went to our cousin Kurtis’ house while she went there my brother and dad packed up the RV. After finishing packing everything up we as well headed over to my cousin’s house. when we got there the rain was falling sideways and lightning was striking all around us so we went inside and went down into my cousin’s cellar and stayed there for the night. The following morning after the storm had passed we decided to drive around and look at the damage from the tornado, well driving around we noticed boats on the highway and further down the road there were a couple trees completely uprooted.