Final Project MUL101

Stacy Sellers

Teresa Hughes

MUL101 Sp20 P5 Final Project

June 3, 2020

Final Project

I really enjoyed doing this assignment. I have always been into video creation, editing, and sound engineering. This video project was really fun. It has been a frustrating term as most of us know. Not being on campus, not having access to our instructors, access to gear, and interaction with our peers, has been trying. I have appreciated how everyone has pulled through and been creative with what they have to work with. 

I have limited resources so this project was more difficult than I had anticipated. I think it turned out alright but I really wish that I had a camera as opposed to my laptop for filming. I couldn’t quite get all of the shots that I had envisioned for my short film. I had bigger plans for all of the angles and cuts that I wanted to use but I just couldn’t make it happen with what I have to work with. Despite that, I feel like I did an alright job. 

I wanted to create something like the online internet sketches that are common on YouTube. I wanted it to be funny more than anything. Man, could I use a good dose of laughter these days! My house is small and there aren’t very many options to get out to film elsewhere and even if there was, all I have is my laptop to record. That made me have to think and rethink how to make this project come to fruition. I had a lot of ideas, to begin with. After trying to get good shots with my phone and my camera, I realized that those were not options. I had to re-plan numerous times. 

Learning the editing programs has been both fun and challenging, especially without instructor contact. I’m relatively new to technology in general so it’s been pretty overwhelming. I am, however, looking forward to doing more in the future. I imagine once I get used to the programs that this will be a blast! I hope everyone is enjoying their projects as well!

P.S. I wasn’t really drinking. ?

5 thoughts on “Final Project MUL101

  1. Jimila

    I really like your performance, it is an excellent performance! it seems you roll it at one and don’t need any cut! it is so funny to watch this as the one who likes those youtube making-up videos. your video makes me laugh!

  2. Anne

    Good job making something with limited resources. It was delightfully silly and made me laugh: success!

  3. Sara Baptista

    This is an authentic comedy, I love it! It made me laugh a lot!
    Very well done!
    And also I love the accent!!! *.*

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