Aesop’s Fable: The North Wind and The Sun, with text

I did not originally intend to do an Aesop’s Fable for my audio project. I had grand plans to write/adapt a comedy piece about the conflicting information we all have been receiving about coronavirus. I wanted to turn my frustration with the news into humor. But then life intervened; a sudden (and welcome) influx of graphics work forced me to put school work on the back burner for a few days, which put me significantly behind. I had to “pivot,” as they’ve been saying lately, and decided to do a fable instead.

I chose “The North Wind and The Sun” because when I read it as a child I had an epiphany of consciousness. It literally created an ah-ha moment that I remember to this day. The image of the Sun being able to “invite” the traveler to take off his own cloak after the North Wind had failed to take it off by force was an introduction to a concept I had never grasped before, and changed my thinking forever. I know this sounds dramatic, but it’s true!

In my reading of the fable I deliberately did not include the moral that is usually included at the end. This is because of my Waldorf training — when Waldorf teachers read fables to second graders they don’t include the moral because the students are supposed to come to their own conclusions, not have conclusions fed to them.

I had a lot of fun figuring out Audition and adding the sound effects to my audio project. I used a combination of sound effects from the library Teresa provided and ones I created myself. I can totally see the appeal of being a sound designer!

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  1. Aubrey Crossley

    This Is awesome Anne, I love the sound effects for the wind was a great touch and the voice of the Sun, gave it character , this tale really took me in.

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