Audio project

This project caused me many issues, I must say. I’ve never done any audio editing like this, and trying to use what I did know while trying an entirely new platform was hard to reconcile. Audacity, in particular, did not seem very intuitive. Wherever I expected a certain tool to be, it was in the entirely opposite direction. 

Having said that, it wasn’t all bad, either. I feel like I did learn a little about audio editing; this is actually the second version I had to do of this, and it went by a lot faster than the first. Having been able to experiment on the first one helped this one, you definitely wouldn’t want to hear the rough draft! 

This one I wanted to make feel like it was set in a bar, with the first character telling the second one a retelling of the Emperor’s New Clothes, but from the thief’s perspective. I had my dad voice the thief so I wouldn’t have to listen to myself as much. I used sounds from Epidemic Sound for the background noise, and made the little doodle that constitutes the cover in under five minutes, so dont judge it too harshly, please. 

Overall, I think I did okay. I wish I would have been bolder, and had given a few more audio effects, but with the trouble I was having I am just glad to have made anything at all.