Sp20 Scavenger Hunt.

1. One sheet ,two sheet ,three sheet. literally that’s all you need, don’t waste the toilet paper.
2. What has arms and legs, but no head?
3.What can’t be burned in a fire nor drowned in water?
4. washer
5.Stepping out? Wear me first! I’ll protect your feet from the worst. socks
6. Tall, Strong a little lean but still big in front of me. Thank you for all that you produce for me clean air is all I need. As long as the sun keeps shining an the raining stays falling you will breathe in and out. You hide me from long hot summers under you pure shade. Dark shadows may linger through the night the moon also loves to shine on you. During the night chills come along in the wind carrying your leaves strong and aggressive away with the loud winds.
As I took this picture the sun
7.This Isn’t a humming bird but he sure does chirp, every morning I’ll wake up and hear this bird chirp, chirp away. I hear him every morning he’s always outside my bedroom window. Im debating on making a couple bird houses this summer so him and his friends could have a little chill spot.
8. As I always tend to sit and stare out my window or down at my coffee table with my mom’s Blue Buddha it’s her sanctuary place. I love this wooden coffee table it has so much value in my family. It was made by my grandfather Leslie Green it has a wooden lay out with a bunch of fossils and rocks and minerals in it! The riddle that involved the coffee table can now involve a blue Buddha on top! The Buddha Blue in the right lower corner 8.

”Coffee Shop Talks .9 You say we’re pals, that we’re best friends. But only until the morning ends. You say I give you fuel for the day. And when we’re done, you’re gone away.  

The sound of the espresso machine going off. As the sensation of fresh hot coffee roast enters my nose the only thing capturing my mind is everything happening at once a great place of energy and focus. During this Pandemic I do miss random coffee shop hunting since there so many around Oregon I found a local one just right inside my house, I use Seattles Best brand ever! I figured this was close to the riddle. Coffee at the end of the day still MAKES ME CRAZYY!

10. As I was driving the sunset was so memorizing I couldn’t not take a picture.
Don’t frown at me, I made it clear. Won’t make a difference if you’re near. Just stand in front and I’ll show you exactly how the world will know you.

5 thoughts on “Sp20 Scavenger Hunt.

  1. Victoria Carrasco

    It may sound odd, but there is a slight eeriness to some of these photos that I really enjoy. Your close ups are great and let you really focus on the subject.

  2. tyron

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