My name is Carlos Padilla and I started out as a multimedia major at Lane but my plans have changed. I plan to transfer to PSU in the fall for their film studies program. The program here has helped me find out where I want to go a bit more with classes like Lighting with Tersa and Concepts of visual literacy. Even though the circumstances with this term being online I’m still looking forward to what this term brings and challenging myself to keep learning.

During my free time I like to use photography as a creative outlet, I enjoy learning how to make a well composed and correctly lit image. I also find it to be a good way to connect with my peers and network with more creatives in the area. 

I’ve been in the Eugene/Springfield area since the age of one. I know the city pretty well since I’ve moved around a few times within it while this has also made me tired of being here. I’m ready for new streets, sights, smells and new faces. I’ll always call Eugene home but it has become too small for me. 

I have two siblings and I’m the oldest. They both attend Sheldon HS, one is about to graduate and the other is only a freshman.

4 thoughts on “HEY HI HELLO

  1. Mike cleghorn

    Good luck on your move to PSU, I hear great things about that school. Having lived in Portland myself a few years back I can say with confidence that moving there got rid of the small tow feeling I was getting after staying in Eugene for too long. Have fun up there!

  2. Victoria Carrasco

    Thats very cool that you want to pursue film I too am a cinema studies major. It’s also very unique that you’d like to focus on lighting I mentioned a film ‘In the mood for love’ the lighting in this film I thought was abstract. Good luck in Portland the city is very fun and a lot more moving than good ole Eugene.

  3. Lily Hanley

    Nice to meet you! It’s awesome that you are finding your passions and moving on to pursue them at PSU! I’m excited to see your photography in upcoming assignments

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