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I like this photo taken a couple of years ago after I had a fresh hair cut. I like it because it captured a bitter feeling in my eyes with a belief on the top of it. I believe the truth and kindness and equal rights. Nevertheless, I feel a bit sad to see where they do not exist for all of the people.

I was a journalistic TV producer for news and documentary. I had been worked as a producer and freelancing fixer for western media for over 10 years before I moved to America. My husband and I stetted down in Eugene 5 years ago, then we had our son. We are happy about this change as we can breathe free air here and enjoy a peaceful life as we wished. In the past years, I have been thinking a lot about where to start our new life and what I should do for our further in small scale for my family a bigger scale for the society, only recently I nail it down finally that I am clearly aware of continuing working in media. It is a different media age, media was massively controlled even highjacked by politicians as their tool to empower their regime even to use it spreading fake news on their behaves to sacrificed the rights of the public to know about the truth. This is even worse for some authoritarian countries. It betrayed the basic moral line of journalism and damaged the media’s public credibility. One the other hand social media is taking the role of critical traditional media’s function, but the public still needs its own judgment to distinguish what is the truth from scam.

I am so glad that I am able to come back to school to have the first step for expanding my knowledge and skills comprehensively and having myself prepared for doing media work in a new environment in the future. I knew that it is not easy to start academic studies as a non-native English speaker, I will try my best to graduate in the following years. By then, I hope I still can see my belief in my eyes in my selfie. –by Jimila

4 thoughts on “About myself

  1. Gyllian Mullins

    Nice to meet you Jimila! I hope you and your husband and your son have enjoyed your stay in Eugene for the past 5 years, and I’m glad you three are living a peaceful life. Also fake news on the media upsets me, a lot of people use scare tactics. I hope it gets better in the future and we get more honest and real news. Thank you for writing about yourself.

  2. Mike cleghorn

    Hello, nice to meet you. It sounds like you have lived a very eventful life, working in news media. Your post stood out to me because I completely agree with your thoughts on the state of news media world wide. It has most definitely been hijacked. I hold space for the population rising up to this as a whole and not just a small group of people.

  3. Anne Starke

    What a great post. When you say “belief in my eyes,” what is the belief you are feeling? Is it hope? That’s what I get from your post; you feel disillusioned by the media being hijacked by lying, powerful groups and yet you have hope that people will be able to tell truth from the lies. Is that correct?
    I have been struggling with this too. How do we tell what the truth is?!

  4. Carlos Padilla

    Hey nice to meet you Jimila. very cool to hear you’ve been working in the field already. I’m glad you decided to start your family in Eugene since it’ s a good place to grow up.

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