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Hello everyone! My name is Michael Cleghorn but most know me by Mike Lucid at this point. The name was given to me while attending Burning Man years ago and stuck with me through many years of DJing around festivals around the northwest And our quaint town of Eugene.

I am currently a self employed web designer and have decided to revisit LCC and finish the degree I started working on over 5 years ago. I am also very interested in music production, so I am in the process of obtaining a second degree in the music program. The picture above is me and I am wearing a shirt designed by me and produced by my now defunct clothing company Timeless Creations.

“Everything has already been doneevery story has been told every scene has been shot. It’s our job to do it one better.”

Stanley Kubrick

I have built many websites based on WordPress and it was my CMS(content management system) of choice for quite some time before I learned php and decided to build more customized as applications using frameworks such as Laravel.

I am in no way a professional full stack developer but I can throw together some code that works in a pinch, to get a project off the ground. I am not afraid to try and learn new things on my own and I have found just about anything you have a question about has probably already been asked and answered somewhere on the internet.

By: Michael Cleghorn

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