A little about me

Hi, my name Victoria Fisher i’m in my second term at lane for multimedia design. I’m super excited to explore all different forms of media this term and pick up and handful of useful skills to help better my understanding of media. After i’m finished with school i’m hoping to pursue a career in film making whether that be for a company of independently. I’ve always been drawn to the tv/film part of media as it brings such a wide range for creative expression. Not only do I like the technical side of film making but I also love the writing side of it. I grew up with my eyes either glued to a page of a book or to a tv screen playing a favorite film of mine, so as well as having a passion for film I also have a passion for writing and hope to write and maybe direct something of my own one day .

A few more thing I think you should know about me is that while I may express creatively through media or writing I also enjoy expressing creativity through tattoos, I have small growing collection of tattoos of various different art styles and sizes. I spend most of my days during this pandemic writing and hanging out with my cat Kreature. I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me .

by: Victoria Fisher

5 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Jimila

    I have see several people here are interested in making film in furture. I feel encouraged. I have never partispated in film making in USA, but I had some experience in making documentary films in China. Good luck and keep going. I am glas you found ways to make your lockdown time interessting,

  2. Kristen Chunn

    Hi! I too enjoy film making and plan on working somewhere in that industry! Your cat, Kreature is super cute as well!! Whats your favorite tattoo you’ve gotten so far?

  3. Lily Hanley

    First of all i love your cats name, super cute.
    I also love tattoos, i don’t have any yet, but i’m super excited to cover myself in all its glory. my favorite class i ever took in high school was creative writing so its cool we both like writing
    Nice to meet you!

  4. Baillie

    Your kitty is really cute.
    film is really amazing, and I totally agree with you: you can express so much, and in so many different ways through film. I think its really cool you are passionate about the medium along with writing. I hope you get to create and live your dreams of either independent work or with a company. Rooting for you and wishing the best of luck 😀


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