The Kite and the Pigeons

I’ve chosen to use this Aesop fable as my project. I think the story is a good metaphor of how giving in to a tyrant and putting them in a position of power can lead to horrible consequences. The has a dark undertone that I wanted to match with both the audio and the visual perspective. I found an image of a white-tailed kite. It had this wicked appearance of being mostly white with creepy red eyes. So i used that picture and made my own design in Photoshop to make it look more dark and surreal. I felt this visual was perfect for the evil narrative of the kite’s intentions.

I needed music that was dark and eerie so I found a good choice for a song from I felt that adding biting and crunching sounds was very fitting to this story. It was suppose to add a feeling horror as the kite devours the pigeons while they realized they brought it upon themselves by choosing to let him rule over them. Their good intentions turned out to be an exercise in futility.

This story can be compared to many dictatorships that have existed throughout history, as well current events around the world. It should be served as a lesson to be careful who you choose to lead over you.

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