JoJo Jensen

For this project I’ll be doing professional practices. The professional I went with was JoJo Jensen. JoJo is a voice talent and she is extremely talented.  She came to our class to give us a little bit of information about herself. It was very interesting, and I learned a lot. The talk inspired me to use more voice acting in my videos. I found that voices actors must take good care of their health and rarely go outside due to germs and weather conditions. JoJo has been voice acting for over eighteen years, and has done some amazing things such as, TY Promo’s, eLearning’s, and Medical commercials. I’m not certain but I probable have herd her voice on the phone at some point. I also thought it was interesting that JoJo never listens to her own recordings, but I can understand why.  JoJo is a very likeable person and her voice is smooth, I can see why she has so much success. I was sad that she left. JoJo has her own studio and will make calls out to potential clients and try to sell her voice to them by making demo’s and sends them to the clients. After she gets a job, she will have a script that she will have to read from and adjust her voice such pitch and accent, depending on how the client wants it. She does a lot of IVR recordings and seems to be her strongest clients. I got lucky to have her come and speak to us at school. I didn’t have time to go to any activities or events because of other projects, so when she came in, I was relieved. I liked that we could ask any question we wanted. I personably didn’t ask any questions, but I wish I did. I would have asked what she would have done if she didn’t do voice acting.The one thing I don’t agree with her is the health part. Even if you have good voice talent staying indoors is unhealthy. I know that her voice is her job but so are other voice talents such as singers, movie actors, and radio announcers. They all must rely on their voices, but most have lives outside of work. If I were in that business, I would do my work then go on a hike. Walk in nature breath fresh clean air, not stay inside in a stuffy soundproof room. That is my opinion of that matter. I’m curious to what she would say in response to this. I would really appreciate it.I had a good time in writing this and I hope it brings to light my interest in this inquiry. I’m thankful to JoJo Jensen for coming out and speaking to us at school. I hope to someday to use my voice to do some great things. But I still have a way to go. Maybe in the next few years I’ll get to that level of expertise. But I’m still at ground zero.  

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