The Wind and the Sun

I decided to read an Aesop fable called The North Wind and the Sun, a story about how gentleness and kind persuasion win where force and bluster fail. At first I wanted to create a ted talk or a podcast series kind of feel! I thought well, maybe I actually want to do something else. I started re-enacting one of my favorite movie scenes which is from American psycho, opening scene, christian bales monologue about his morning routine. If you know about the scene, you probably have a little smirk on your face because you know just how pretentious and glorious this monologue is. This was my first time editing in Audition and I found this project to be way more time consuming and difficult than I thought. After many takes and trying to tweak the voices I settled for an Aesop Fable (which I still had fun making) because I felt like it was nice to focus on adding audio rather than what I would say and how cool I could make the voices sound. I’m fairly satisfied with the audio I added to the video. I mainly searched through places like bensounds and freeaudio! This proved to be a challenge as well because I couldn’t find some noises I wanted. What was the most frustrating was the sound of my voice and how I couldn’t figure out how to get a “man” voice right. However, I think by the end of this assignment I am way better at navigating through Audition which will help me in future projects!

Oh and one more thing! I still hate the sound of my voice.