The Big Bad Wolf

In MUL101 our assignment was to create an audio recording and add music and sound effects to it. We could either create a story of our own or use an Aesop fable. I decided to use a fable, but I chose to do the big bad wolf because I thought it would be a little more interesting and less boring to do one that everyone is familiar with. I started by checking out a snowball mic and practiced recording until I was happy with it. I ended up piecing together two different audio clips because I liked different parts of both of them. Then I cut outs my um’s and added music and sound effects and twala. I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I used audition and had a good time adding sound effects and music and playing with the different voice effects in audition. Through this class and my time based tools class I’ve discovered audio, and video editing are my favorite parts of the multimedia program so far. Hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “The Big Bad Wolf

  1. John Kneisler

    Hey Jane,
    You did an awesome job on your music, it really controls the mood of the story. I also like the wolf sounds. They were all well placed. The ones where he eats the pig make me laugh. Good job!

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