Drive safe

I learned a lot on this project. I’ve never done something like this before. It was a fun project. One problem that I personally had is that I didn’t use a special microphone when I recorded. I recorded my voice with the computer microphone. The sound is not what I was going for. You can hear that the recording is not perfect, the sound is not smooth enough. Other than that I had fun making this audio. I’ve always wanted to play with sounds and be creative. I had a lot of ideas for this project. The reason why I didn’t do something more creative is because this is my first time playing with sound, making audio and using Audacity. I know it would have taken me more time. That’s why I wanted to keep it simple. But not only that, I wanted to do this audio to bring awareness to people. I got this idea from a driving class I took two years ago. Nowadays people get distracted easily with their smartphones. It is really risky to drive and use your phone. Anything can happen while you’re checking your phone. I’m sure most people have done it at least once. I want people to open their eyes and not let social media get into their head and distract them. Be safe y’all. Much love to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Drive safe

  1. Joe Hendrickson

    I see people all over doing this. I was driving downtown and I saw this lady on her phone and doing her makeup at the same time. She was weaving in and out of traffic, it upset me so much I nearly spilled my bowl of cereal. But ya I think its just common sense to not drive and text.

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